Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why yearly renewal is required?

Every domain and hosting in the world needs to be renewed every year. Even hosting can be purchased monthly basis. To avoid complexity, you can purchase your domain and hosting for multiple year (e.g. 2, 3 or even more).


How do I resolve problem I face?

If you need any support, you can need to connect us from support page. You can also connect us over phone or simply text us.


Can I take domain other than .com (like .net/ .info/ .co/ .org etc.)?

Yes, you can take any domain subject to payment of additional fee. In that case, additional fee will be added with your package &  yearly renewal fee depending domain.


Can I transfer domain to my own company account or other consultant?

Yes, you can transfer your domain at any time to any account subject to payment of domain transfer fee. Standard time will be required for domain transfer.


Can I add additional page/Email which was not included on my package, if required?

Yes, you can add additional page subject to pay additional service charge.


Can I change my package?

Yes, you can change your package any time.


What will happen if I forget to renew on time?

We will give you remind 3 times to renew your package over mail, once your subscription reaches to 11 months. We will do a phone call also. After several remainder if you fail to renew your subscription, then your domain will be expired and opened on global market. BD Web Service does not give any guarantee to re-register your domain. However, if your domain remains available, then we will re-register your domain.