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Our aim is to provide Low cost Web Design in Bangladesh.We have designed a package as low as BDT 4999.


Build a professional website that creates brand image of your business or even your also. It will create a virtual platform.

Business solutions

You will find excellent experience from us. We are constantly evolving and growing. We are committed to give you after sales service.

Welcome to BD Web Service

We do budget friendly Web design for you.  You will find the latest design from us. We not only do web design for you, but also provide complementary website update service once a year. We are focusing small enterprises who are considering cost as well as we are for big corporations also. Our aim is to provide best solution that helps everyone.

Benefits of Having Website

Personal Website

Personal website gives you a brand integrity and access to many stakeholders. Having a personal website helps you to influence people and add value to them by sharing your knowledge. It is helpful for both you & the society.

Company Website

A company website gives your company a brand integrity and access to many customers. Having a company website helps to attract customers and add easy access to your company. It is helpful for both your company & customers.

E-commerce Website

An e-commerce website creates a brand value to your business and access to many customers. Having an e-commerce website helps to attract customers, more order & better inventory management. It is helpful for both your business & customers.